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    Bandportrait - Coeur du Bois (2/2)

    In our Bandprojects "Bertino & le Coeur du Bois", "Bertino Rodmann Trio" and "Coeur du Bois invites...", we play with different band-setups, like very common in the Jazz-scene. This is due to the fact that professional musicians very often have to play in serveral bands and projects to make a living.

    So by the time we created a pool of great musicians that do play with us in changing setups for gigs and events. Every of these musicians is a professional musician - so you may expect the same great quality at gigs of "Coeur du Bois", wether who is playing.

    Here are some of the (Guest-)Musicians and "Special Guests" of "Coeur du Bois":
    matthias hampel Matthias Hampel (Guit.) taylor paucken reinhardt Jonas Lohse (Bass) pramila chenchanna Pramila Chenchanna (Voc.) taylor paucken reinhardt Taylor Paucken-Reinhardt (Guit.) thore benz Thore Benz (Bass) darionapoli 2018 Dario Napoli (Guit.) christophkoenig 800x600 2018 Christoph König (Viol.)connyweiss 2012 02 Jensi Reinhardt (Viol.) Serge 2013 tmb Serge Donkersloot (Cl., Sax) Jordan 2012 2 Jordan Weiss (Guit.) Manfred Pfeiffer Manfred Pfeifer (Cl., Sax, Fl.) Michael Hoefler Michael Höfler (Bass) Bertrand LeGilliout Bertrand Le Guillou (Guit.)

    Hanna Bienert 01 Hanna Bienert (Violine) Thomas Schilling Thomas Schilling (Bass) Pressefoto Titi B tmb
    Titi Bamberger (Guit.)
    John Defferary John Defferary (Cl., Sax)

    and many others more...

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