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    Bertino & le Coeur du Bois

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    The band project "Coeur du Bois" has been started in 2009. Founded by bandleader Bertino Rodmann, with "Bertino & le Coeur du Bois" the band plays always with changing cast. Due to the current situation in the music world, professional musicians are always forced to play in several formations in order to survive financially. So over the years a pool of professional musicians has formed, with which can perform in rotating setups.

    "Bertino & le Coeur du Bois" is the current and most booked formation. Band leader Bertino Rodmann is backed up here by Bobeye Reinhardt on bass and Henry Eiply on ryhthm guitar. In addition, Winfried adds an additional tone color with his virtuoso playing on the piano and accordion.

    In this bandsetup we play tunes of my both Solo-CDs "Rêve de Samois" and "Bertino -just guitar-", as well as some Jazzclassics, Songs by Django Reinhardt and other Sinticomposers. The real dynamic and musical variety of this bandsetup has left a great deal of impression with many listeners.

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    Bertino Rodmann Lead-Gitarrist and Bandleader of Coeur du Bois. More on his person here

     bobeye reinhardt

    Bobeye Reinhardt on Bass is an absolute enrichment for every bandsetup. Beeing born as grandson of the famous Sintiviolinist Schnuckenack Reinhardt her started to play music very early. Bobeye is an incredible bassplayer who is able to jump between the genres easily: Gypsyjazz as well as Bossa-Nova, Swing, Jazz, Fusion and R&B. If he starts to play a solo on his 7-string Bass every listener will hold on his breath...


    henry eipl

    Henry Eipl, Jazzguitarist (and former student of mine) is a very motivated and talented young guitarist from Offenbach/Germany. With Henry on Rhythmguitar the groove is added.

    henry eipl

    Winfried "Winnie" Schuld, a great Jazz- and Latin-Pianist and Accordeonist plays since many years in the well known Latin-Band "Menino" and the famous "Lulo Reinhardt Latin-Swing Project". His melodic and virtuos playing adds perfectly to the sound of our quartett giving another deep impact in sound and impression.


    For bookings and more infos just contact me unbindingly here.
    Here you may download or EPK (electronic Presskit) with more infos. download

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