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    The band project "Coeur du Bois" has been started in 2009. Founded by bandleader Bertino Rodmann, "Coeur du Bois invites..." always performs with changing cast. In this concert series we have already been able to perform numerous concerts with famous fellow musicians. For example with guitar legend Fapy Lafertin (git) from Belgium, Taylor Paucken-Reinhardt and Lulo Reinhardt (git) from Koblenz/Germany, Robin Nolan (git) from Amsterdam (NL), Dario Napoli (git) Italy and Christoph König (Viol) and Doug Martin (git) USA.

    The "Coeur du Bois invites..." Concert series is a stage for invitations and collaborations with other well-known jazz musicians. For the "Coeur du Bois invites..." concert series, requests for concerts with the guest stars Fapy Lafertin, Lulo Reinhardt or Robin Nolan are also possible.

    Here you will find our current band-setups available for booking:

    cdb invites pramila 2019 1024x768Coeur du Bois invites Pramila C.

    In this formation we are supported by the Indian-born jazz singer Pramila Chenchanna at the vocals.

    She studied jazz singing at the renowned Amsterdam University in the Netherlands. Her great role models are Billie Holiday, Sarah Vaughn and Ella Fitzgerald, which she can interpret perfectly. Another jazzy timbre is Andreas Müller on piano and Thore Benz on double bass.

    In this formation we play songs by Billie Holiday, jazz classics and some instrumentals of the typical jazz repertoire such as "Yardbird Suite", "Undecided" or some tunes by Django Reinhardt.

    cdb invites pramila taylor

    Coeur du Bois invites Pramila C. feat. Taylor Reinhardt

    We also offer a similar program as before with Pramila C. with an additional star guest: Taylor Paucken-Reinhardt.

    Descended from the famous Reinhardts music filly in Koblenz, Taylor is a guitar virtuoso who delights everyone with his melodic playing.

    In this line-up we play similar titles as above. However, the timbre here is completely different from piano due to the second guitar.
    By Taylor's unique solo art and his accompaniment again a completely different tone color is created, "a bit" more guitar-oriented, but no less entertaining!


    For Bookings and more infos just contact me here unbindingly.
    Here you may download our EPK (electronic Presskit) with further infos. download

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