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    To stay always on the move and adapt to situations is the mottoannonce jazzmusiker gesucht of Bertino Rodmann, the founder and bandleader of "Coeur du Bois".

    Over the last 20 Jahre he always created new bandsetups, for example the Bandproject "Coeur du Bois invites...", whereas many concerts with internationally known stars like Robin Nolan, Fapy Lafertin or Lulo Reinhardt have been played.

    Now there is a new idea of Bertino, to build up a classic Guitar-Trio, to break up to new musical shores for himself.

    Mor Infos on that will be announced right here as well. At the moment the search of a Drummer and bass player who knows how to play electric AND double-bass in the same time... The one who is interested may contact here.

    cd1 bertino just guitar cover 300There is a new Solo-Album by Gitarrist Bertino Rodmann: his second Solo-Album with the title "Bertino - just guitar-" finally could be released in summer 2023. Recorded already in November/December 2021, it took some months of delay until all right have been cleared.

    The Album contains 10 Jazz-Standards and some Pop-Jazz-Tunes, all performed by Bertino Rodmann. The Album is a reflection of his Soloprogram, with which Bertino plays as a Soloartist.

    More Infos on his own website:

    Thecdb invites pramila actual Bandsetup of guitarrist Bertino presents a new exciting project called „Coeur du Bois invites...“, this time with the additional vocals of the german/indian Jazzsinger Pramila Chenchanna.

    Raised in Berlin, she studied Jazzvocals in Amsterdam and returned 10 years later to Frankfurt/M. were she also performes her beloved vocal music of Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone or Aretha Franklin besides her own musical projects.

    Founded in 2007 by Bandleader Bertino Rodmann Bandproject „Coeur du Bois“ stands for demanding, guitar-oriented Jazz in the field of tention between Gypsyjazz á la Django Reinhardt and his legacy up to a modern sound of a Wes Montgomery, Joe Pass or Kenny Burell.
    Swing, Jazz, Bossa, Jazz-Manouche - melodic and slow or wild and fast – all this are the Attributes of „Coeur du Bois“

    Lulo BertinoLulo Reinhardt, german grand-nephew of the famous belgium Sinti-Guitarrist Django Reinhardt, meanwhile has become a famous name on german as on international music-scene, festivals and concert-stages.
    His inimitable way of playing guitar, with a blend mix of 
    Jazz-Manouche, Swing, Flamenco, Gypsymusic and many other styles more have made him famous.

    Bertino Rodmann known musician thru his  group "Coeur du Bois" a the release of his guitar-methodbook "Gypsyjazz Guitar" is a versatile guitarrist that made his way thru completely different ways coming to play Jazzmanouche, Swing and Jazz.

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