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    Bertino Rodmann Trio

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    One of my actual Bandprojects is the "Bertino Rodmann Trio" (also know as "Bertino & le coeur du bois").

    As i am alsways interested in new influences in my music i had the idea of forming a classical Jazz-Guitar-Trio, which would be able to transform my own musical influences and compositions, beeing able to freely improvise and perform them without any musical limitations.

    With this Trio we are heading to new musical shores of Jazz und Swing, Bossa and more... In this setup we play original compositions of my two solo-albums "Rêve de Samois" und "Bertino -just guitar-" as well as some Jazzstandards and tunes of Django Reinhardt in our own interpretations.

    Actual Bandsetup:
    bertino02 2020 jkhanau Bertino Rodmann Lead-Gitarrist and Bandleader of Coeur du Bois. More on my person here.
     bobeye reinhardt Thore Benz (Bass), composer and instrumental educator, studied Jazz and popular music in Frankfurt/Germany.
    Thore is working as professional musician since 1997. He developed his groove-orientiented playing in colaboration with many musicians from Afrika, South-Amerika and from his passion for Afroamerican music, Blues, Jazz and Funk. With his own Bandproject „Tiefenrausch Klangkombinat“
    he explores those influences.
    In our band-setup with the „Bertino Rodmann Trio“ Thore builds the rhythmical fundament.
    henry eipl Henry Eipl, Jazzguitarist (and former student of mine) is a very motivated and talented young guitarist from Offenbach/Germany. With Henry on Rhythmguitar the groove is added.

    For Bookings and more infos just contact me unbindingly here.
    Here you may download our EPK (electronic Presskit) with more infos. download
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